Web Design

Chapter Objectives
Chapter 1

Understand the structure of websites and markup.​

Chapter 2

Create headings, paragraphs and structural and semantic markup on web pages. ​

Chapter 3

Create numbered, bullet and definition lists.

Chapter 4

Create internal and external links.​

Chapter 5

Add images to pages using the correct format.​

Chapter 6

Represent complex data in tables.​

Chapter 7

Create forms to collect information from site visitors.​

Chapter 10

Write CSS rules and apply them to HTML pages.​

Chapter 11

Add complimentary color to web pages using CSS.​

Chapter 12

Modify text on web pages using CSS.​

Revealed Book
DW Chapter 1

Plan and set up a website using Adobe Dreamweaver (DW).

DW Chapter 2

Create head content and set page properties. Add links and modify and test web pages.

DW Chapter 3

Create lists and cascading style sheets.

DW Chapter 4

Add graphic enhancements.​

DW Chapter 5

Create, modify and copy a spry menu bar.​

DW Chapter 6

Create a page using CSS layouts and tables.

Flash Chapter 1

Create and save a movie using Adobe Flash.​

Flash Chapter 2

Work with drawn objects, text and layers.

Flash Chapter 3

Create buttons and assign actions to frames and buttons.

Flash Chapter 4

Create movie clips using animations.

Flash Chapter 5

Add sound and navigation to a movie.​

FW Chapter 1

Create shapes and modify text using Adobe Fireworks (FW).

FW Chapter 2

Modify objects and text using vector tools.​

FW Chapter 3

Work with imported files and selection tools.

Web Hotshots

Using the different simulations provided in the Web Hotshots book, students will create a website for a fictional business from scratch using either HTML, Dreamweaver or an online web editing program.

Power Standards files and folders. projects that include a variety of media. and apply appropriate design concepts. and create websites incorporating digital media. content that is readable, accessible, searchable, and stick., develop, and deliver advanced web content and applications using authorizing tools., implement, and evaluate the website.

HTML Chapter 1
HTML Chapter 2
  • Chapter 2 Notes

  • Chapter 2 Code Pages 43-56

  • Chapter 2 Code Page 58

  • Chapter 2 Tag Worksheet

  • Chapter 2 Worksheet

  • Chapter 2 Extra Assignment 3

  • Chapter 2 Extra Assignment 4

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Web Hotshots
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