Business Computer Applications

Module Objectives

Concepts 1

Describe data communications and understand system software and hardward.

Windows 10 1

Manage multiple windows and navigate the desktop and start menu.

Windows 10 2

Open, edit, save, move, and rename files.

Office 1

Start an Office app and identify Office 2016 screen elements.

Word 1

Format text and navigate a document.

Word 2

Cut, copy, and paste text. Add hyperlinks and check spelling and grammar.

Word 3

Change line and paragraph spacing. Insert tabs and indents. 

Word 4

Manage sources and create a bibliography. Create sections, columns, headers, and footers.

Excel 1

Enter and edit a simple formula.

Excel 2

Understand relative and absolute cell references.

Excel 3

Format cells and apply conditional formatting.

Excel 4

Create and design charts.

Integration 1

Integrate data between Word and Excel.

Access 1

Create a database, table, and primary keys.

Access 2

Create a query. Filter and apply AND and OR criteria.

Access 3

Create forms and modify tab order.

Access 4

Create reports and add subtotals and counts.

Integration 2

Integrate data among Word, Excel, and Access.

PowerPoint 1

Plan an effective presentation. Enter slide text and compare presentation views.

PowerPoint 2

Rearrange and align objects, add slide footers.

PowerPoint 3

Insert a chart, table, picture, and slides from other presentations.

PowerPoint 4

Modify masters and customize presentations. 

Integration 3

Integrate data among Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

Outlook 1

Communicate with email. 

Outlook 2

Manage tasks and contacts.


Power Standards

4.1d.1.16-Integrate functions of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation applications to various workplace scenarios.

4.1d.1.25-Enhance documents using advanced layout, design, and graphics.

4.3a.1.1-Use correct spelling, grammar, word and number usage, punctuation and formatting.

4.3b.1.18-Prepare informal and formal reports using professional format and appropriate supporting graphics.

4.3b.1.4-Prepare charts and graphs. and use information from a database. files and folders.

Programs Covered:
  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • YouTube
  • Link to Stanley FBLA Page