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Business Classes Offered

The high school classes I teach are offered to all students in grades 9-12. While these classes are not required, taking a business class is crucial for anyone who plans on owning or managing a business. The business topics covered in these classes will also benefit anyone who plans on working in the business world, which is everyone! 

I recommend every student take Business Computer Applications their freshman year and Accounting I & II their sophomore year. Business Computer Applications prepares students for Web Design and Desktop Publishing while Accounting I & II cover key topics that will be touched on in the other business courses offered at Stanley High School.

CTE Course Pathways

These pathways are set by the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education.

Path 2 – Finance Career

Path 3 – Information Technology

Path 1  - Business Management

Junior High Classes

Junior High students take a quarter class from me each year. Students in 7th grade take Computers & Keyboarding I and students in 8th grade take Business Ownership and Careers.

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