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Computers & Keyboarding I

Power Standards - Develop proper input techniques (e.g., keyboarding, voice recognition, hand-writing recognition, virtual keypad, and the use of a multi-touch screen, mouse/pad, or stylus). - Explore the risks and dangers of sharing personal information in a digital world (e.g., digital footprint, cyberbullying). files and folders.4.1d.1.5 - Use basic applications (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and graphics).

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Students in 7th grade will rotate through four different quarter classes. Two of those quarters are Computer Applications. One quarter will focus on Microsoft Word and the other quarter on Excel and PowerPoint. Students will learn the basics of these three programs as well as cyber literacy, email composition, and typing skills.

The course I teach, Computers & Keyboarding I, focuses on Excel and PowerPoint. I use a combination of materials for this class including a book from the Microsoft Specialist 2016 Series, projects I make, and Test Out online.

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